whus_headerWhy Should You Recycle?

Recycling is important. Not only does it help keep landfills clean but it also ensures a better quality of life for everyone. Houston Electronic Recycling is dedicated to doing what we can to help both you and the environment.

The Facts:

  • We are the most trusted computer and IT recycler in Houston
  • We offer same day pickup services
  • We offer the quality customer service you deserve
  • We offer Certificate of Destruction upon request
  • We are a TCEQ certified facility

We Save You Time and Money By:

  • Removing old equipment for new technology deployments
  • Destroying out of date inventory or items with manufacturing defects
  • Reducing landfill or waste collection fees
  • Freeing up valuable dock or warehouse space used for scrap collection
  • Giving you the ability to outsource your recycling tasks and focus on your critical business operations
  • Creating potential revenue streams by finding value in your recyclables

What is E-Waste and E-Recycling?

E-waste and E-recycling are just abbreviations for electronic waste and the safe disposal of electronics through the recycling process which is now mandatory. E-Waste can include old computers, telephones, cell phones, monitors, keyboards, printers, copiers, laptops and even scrap from manufacturing such as wires, cables, faulty circuit boards and electrical goods. E-Recycling refers to recycling the millions of electrical devices that we now use at work and home.

Keep America Beautiful.

Recycle with Help from Houston Electronic Recycling.