education_headerRedefining Recyling at Area Schools

Houston Electronic Recycling provides several unique services designed to improve the educational environment for our children as well as the young adults of our community. We have worked with several schools, educational facilities and programs to help recycle their old electronics.

We dispose of all information safely and securely, so professional staff has the peace of mind knowing this information is handled with privacy and security first and foremost.

We aim to educate the children on the importance of E-recycling by offering the following services:

  • Drop-off and pick-up of collection bins at your location
  • Onsite support from experienced and friendly staff
  • Weekend E-recyling events
  • Support schools directly or with associated organizations to coordinate fundraising efforts and E-recycling goals

Houston Electronic recycling cares about our kids and our community. That’s just one of the reasons we go above and beyond to do what it takes to keep America looking great.

Preserve and Ensure A Brighter Future.