On-Site Destruction

Mobile On-site Hard Drive Destruction

Our professionally trained technicians will travel to your facility and, while in your presence, remove, and destroy hard drives or DoD erase. Our hard drive punching equipment applies enough force to break the platter, making it impossible to recover any data on your hard drives. After the hard drive destruction is complete, all materials are securely transported in locked containers with GPS tracking from your location to ours for proper recycling.

Step 1: Arrive onsite for project preparation

  • Physical space is staged for data decommissioning process, hardware tools are setup, connection types verified etc.

Step 2: Audit hardware to be eradicated

  • Complete inventory of assets scheduled for data eradication, including confirmation of make, model, and serial number
  • Continual validation with the customer of equipment earmarked for sanitation.

Step 3: Decommission Data

  • Eradicate any storage type to the most secure level available for that technology.
  • All assets with accessible resident data are sanitized
  • NAID audit checks are performed
  • Anything with data storage that’s not functioning or not accessible is removed and destroyed onsite

Step 4: Reports

  • Certified reports are prepared, and final disposition for each asset serial number is recorded for legally defensible audit trail
  • Customers are automatically in compliance with privacy and data security regulations (federal, state and local, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS 70/SSAE 16, etc.)
  • Full asset disposition report post-eradication is delivered electronically

Step 5:

  • Transfer of liability for all drives certified as successfully eradicated by Houston Electronic Recycle


Please call our information line at 832-301-8232 to schedule a hard drive recycling or destruction appointment.