Recycling Program

E-cycling Made Easy!

Collection Bins at Your Doorstep!




  1. We will deliver one or more empty bins to your place of business.
  1. When your recycling bins are full, simply call or email to request a pick-up.
  1. We will schedule a convenient day/time to remove full bins and replace those with empty bins.


Why Recycle with our Collection Bin Program?

  • Our bins provide clear storage instructions and allow for easy loading.
  • With our bin program, privacy and destruction of data are ensured.
  • Help protect the environment by ensuring that equipment is not thrown into the trash.
  • Receive data tracking/weight reports to document your recycling progress.
  • All electronic items collected are recycled, refurbished or disposed of in accordance with EPA and TCEQ standards.
  • Proper recycling of electronic waste decreases the amount of toxins that enter the environment, reduces the use of fossil fuels and helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our primary goal is to help customers and the environment by reusing and recycling the materials we collect and minimizing landfill disposal.




Houston Electronic Recycling’s Collection Bin Program was created to provide businesses and property management companies the quickest and most convenient way to reduce clutter and streamline all of your electronic recycling needs.

Our innovative Collection Bin Program offers easy-access bins, fast pick-up—often within 24 hours—and allows for proper disposal of all electronic waste in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

As Houston’s premier electronic recycler, we offer simple and effective solutions for recycling end-of-use items that should not be placed in the trash.  With onsite delivery of our empty bins to your place of business, the Collection Bin Program gives customers a simple, secure way to dispose of electronic surplus making e-cycling easy and worry-free!

Examples of electronic waste include, but are not limited to: Computers, LCD monitors, laptops, printers, scanners, tablet, hard drives, cables, chargers, circuit boards, telecom and networking equipment, phones, test equipment, digital/video cameras, battery, server, laboratory equipment and certain home electronics. (Click here for a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable electronic recyclable items).

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